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April 7, 2017

Jimmy Eat World sold out show hits Vancouver April 26 Commodore

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Jimmy Eat World
April 26 Commodore Ballroom
Tix prices $ plus s/c
doors 8pm, 19+

Mesa, Arizona’s favourite foursome, Jimmy Eat World,will be bringing their catchy pop-punk show to the Commodore Ballroom on April 26th. They are touring to support their latest album, Integrity Blues, along with hits from their well known 2000’s albums, which are among my most-played. They are in the early stages of the tour which begins Friday in Las Vegas and goes around the world, with major stops throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

It’s tough enough to have friends or co-workers that you get along with for 20-plus years these days. Jimmy Eat World has been together as friends and co-workers for 24 – that in itself is a feat. To do so while boasting a couple of gold albums, a devoted (though smaller) fan base and the same lineup for the past 22 is amazing. There’s not many people I could spend 22 minutes in the same room with…

Most people remember Jimmy (band surprisingly not named after lead singer, Jim Adkins) for their smash 2001 hit “The Middle” and I admit that’s where I caught onto them, as well. My true favourite Jimmy album is actually their other gold success, 2004’s Futures. This follow-up to a “one hit” album is notoriously difficult in rock – have a big hit and you’re one disappointing album from becoming the dreaded one-hit wonder. Luckily for Jimmy Eat World, their follow-up had big hits “Pain” and “Work” and the follow-up to that had “Big Casino”.

The first single from Integrity Blues is “You With Me” and is very evocative of retro Jimmy Eat World – the slow intro and melodic vocals over light, quick drums are similar to previous albums. They continue to sing songs about real things – tough emotions, internal struggles and  world issues. 15 years and 6 albums after I first heard them, I will finally get a chance to see them live and in my favourite local venue, no less. New stuff, vintage punkier stuff and my favourites like “23” and “Drugs or Me” are hopefully on tap a week from Thursday. If I was a betting man, I’d bet my night will be anything but in “The Middle”. You should pick up tickets and come and find out for yourself!

Jimmy Eat World at the Commodore Ballroom, tickets via Live Nation *SOLD OUT*

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