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April 20, 2017

Nickelback release video for their rock anthem Feed the Machine

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Multi-platinum Canadian rock band NICKELBACK release new video for their title track of their ninth album called “Feed The Machine”. The title track shares the same name as their new album. This song will go down as a great anthem with hard hitting riffs and an unforgettable chorus.

The song written by NICKELBACK and co-produced by Chris Baseford starts out with amazing drum playing by Daniel Adair then evolves into a wall breaking riff to settle with Chad Kroeger’s deep voice. A bold chorus and killer solo make this song great to listen to multiple times and it quickly became a personal favorite.

The music video explores common themes of a dystopian future where humans are being oppressed, mistreated and enslaved by what seems to be some terrible government. Reminiscent of Star Wars ‘The Empire’ – special effects, and fight scenes keep the video engaging, while the song’s lyrics explore themes of political brainwash. Considering the US political atmosphere at the present, this song is timely and will surely rack up the hits and spins.

NICKELBACK will be kick starting their “Feed the machine” tour on June 23 at Noblesville Indiana, with their final show in hometown Vancouver on October 1st.

Check out the video for Feed the Machine below

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