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April 25, 2017

Papa Roach Help Video another Gut Wrench Rocker

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Papa Roach Help review
written by Emilio Angel

How the F*ck does Papa Roach do it?!

Tomorrow marks 17 years since Papa Roach’s major label debut Infest came out, with amazing hits ‘Last Resort’ and personal favorite ‘Between Angel and Insects’, consistently being able to impact the lives of millions of kids all over the globe year after year. Man, I remember when Papa Roach was a “thing” back in school (I’m from Colombia) and after hearing their new song they’re definitely not going anywhere.

“Help” is the second single from the band’s upcoming Crooked Teeth album due out May 19.  The song’s lyrics cover themes of depression, and personal struggles of singer Jacoby Shaddix who’s pain, misery, struggles with drugs and alcohol have created some of the best tunes for more than an entire generation.

The music video (released at midnight on the eve of 17yr anniversary and directed by Darren Craig) revolves around a middle-aged man dressed up as an Easter Bunny with Papa Roach playing in the background. The character is completely destroyed by how life is treating him; he’s abused emotionally and physically by virtually everybody. After being mocked by a group of kids in a restaurant with broken neon lights in the background displaying “send help/in hell”, the guy in the bunny suit has a mental breakdown in front of the restaurant until another guy in a bunny suit appears, and lifts him up.

The song’s angsty theme definitely portrays people who have been completely dissociated and disillusioned by society, and aren’t able to cope with day to day average life and need an outlet or some “help” from other people who feel the same need to come out of their mental hole.

After the success of Papa Roach’s 9th album F.E.A.R skyrocketed them again to popularity, their 10th album Crooked Teeth promises to do that once again. Honestly, not something I can complain about.

Check Papa Roach’s new song “Help” below. Papa Roach will be touring the Mid-east of the US this summer then heading off to Russia, Germany, then back to the US. Tour dates here.

Check out Papa Roach:

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