April 9, 2017

The Trews Massacre the big stage in Penticton with Weezer

nightmair creative john-angus macdonald the trews

The Trews always put on a great show..always give 110%, and always leave the audience in a semi-stunned state of satiated feel good afterglow – and last night in Penticton was no different as the band warmed up the crowd for Weezer’s last show of the tour. But something was different.

Having seen The Trews a few months ago in Kamloops and Vancouver, and having really enjoyed it, tonight was completely different. There is a renewed vigour to the entire band. Perhaps it was being on the ‘big’ stage. Perhaps it has been working on new songs (in LA and running into The Glorious Sons in the process also recording in LA currently). Perhaps it is being paired with a band as equally energetic (Weezer), or maybe it’s Spring fever! Whatever it is, the band last night (to coin a cliche) came out of the gate swinging and never let up for the whole of their 40 minute set. Road testing three new songs (Civillianaire, Way too High and Jericho) in a 10 song set list can be a gamble but it worked – the audience responded loudly and enthusiastically to all three as if they’d heard them as often as Not Ready to Go, or Hold Me.

A beautiful moment during ‘Highway of Heroes’ marking Vimy Ridge 100 anniversary, as singer Colin MacDonald asks the arena to light it up and people obliged with cell phones and lighters – almost enough light to read a book by. ‘Paranoid Freak’ had MacDonald introduce bassist Jack Syperek and Jeff Heisholt on piano for their solo intro bits to which the audience roared. ‘Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me’ saw a softening, with MacDonald substituting the lyric, ‘hockey stick’ for the original “she ruled my heart my mind my ____“. Brother John-Angus MacDonald thrilled the crowd with his lead guitar work, and the show ending jump off the Gavin Maguire’s drum kit, and the entire 40 minutes felt like a full blown 2 hr concert. This band knows how to pump everything into what time they get.

Side note.. was great to see two of the band members come out to the merch table to greet people – would have been many more fans there if they would have mentioned it before leaving the stage ;p  All in all, the show was well worth the travel time.. but then this band always is.

Check out our photos below.

nightmair creative colin macdonald the trews nightmair creative colin and john-angus macdonald the trews nightmair creative jack syperek the trews nightmair creative john-angus macdonald the trews nightmair creative gavin maguire the trews nightmair creative jeff heisholt the trews

nightmair creative colin macdonald the trews nightmair creative john-angus macdonald the trews

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