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May 18, 2017

Chris Cornell passes away at 52 after show in Detroit


Chris Cornell passes away last night in Detroit
written by Emilio Angel

Another voice of a generation is silently turned off.

Chris Cornell passed away last night in Detroit at age 52. The singer of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave was reported dead after a Soundgarden show played in Detroit. His death has been ruled a suicide by hanging, according to Wayne County medical examiner.

This news comes with a heavy heart. One of the leading voices of the Grunge movement along with Pearl Jam, Nirvana and others, Chris Cornell had an extensive career in rock and roll and was well respected in the industry. Cornell’s voice was one that was instantly recognizable; powerful and wide ranging from baritone to the high notes in songs such as Like A Stone. His onstage presence was charismatic, mesmerizing.

It is reported that Chris Cornell accomplished the first free Rock show in Cuba with over 70000 attendees, and philanthropy was close to his heart especially children’s issues. Cornell’s single, ‘The Promise’, (available HERE) benefits

From his Twitter feed one could also see that he was politically active with Audioslave reuniting earlier this year for an event protesting Trumps inauguration.

*editor’s note: I was extremely fortunate to get a last minute ticket to see Chris Cornell in Vancouver during his solo tour in 2007. I will never forget the excitement and electricity as soon as Cornell stepped out on stage – and into the audience! The man left a lasting impression on me from that moment on.

Check out Like A Stone below

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written by Emilio Angel



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