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May 4, 2017

Flogging Molly bring their Irish Mosh Pit Rock n Roll to Vancouver

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Flogging Molly
Commodore Ballroom
May 7 Doors 7pm! (subject to change)
Tickets priced $37.75 plus s/c   19+

Irish-American Punk band Flogging Molly will be playing at the Commodore promoting their 6th album Life is Good, to be released June 2 of this year.

My favourite Irish punk band will be rocking out the stage soon, if you’re into fist fighting, beer chugging, and a good time with “Drunken Lullabies” make sure to attend this show.

After 6 years sans new music, Flogging Molly’s new release is highly anticipated. The band has already released 2 awesome singles, “The Guns of Jericho” and “Reptiles”. Flogging Molly celebrates 20yrs as a band this year, and continue their Irish/Celtic style formulated by singer David King who wanted to represent his hometown of Dublin in his music. Reminiscent of The Dubliners with a mix of Moorhead and Sex Pistols, Flogging Molly has a certain innovative style; profound lyrics that include bar fights, poverty, depression, and personal loss all make their concerts a rollercoaster of mosh pits and sombre moments.

Flogging Molly tickets available via Live Nation HERE. Openers White Buffalo and Dylan Walshe

Check out Flogging Molly ‘Drunken Lullabies’ below

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