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May 22, 2017

Hollerado Grief Money new lyric video one video two reviews

hollerado grief money nightmair creative

Hollerado Grief Money lyric video -one video two reviews!
written by Scotty Evil and Emilio Angel

We decided to send the new Hollerado Grief Money lyrics video to two of our writers, and see what they came up with! Well… two totally different ends of the spectrum of course!! First from Scotty Evil:

Hollerado Tries Their Hand at a Protest Song

If I come down with insomnia, hook me up. So the new music lyric video from Hollerado, titled “Grief Money”, came across my desk this morning.

Over the past few months there has been a discussion amongst us as to “where are all the protest videos against Donald Trump?” And it seems these guys agree.

First, the song.

Honestly, I don’t know this band, or their music. Sounds like Offspring/Green Day meets Depeche Mode in this instance. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not sure I could pick them out of a generic rock radio setlist. Their older stuff is plucked from the late night rotation of 90’s alternative radio stations.

And the same goes with this song. It’s just okay.

The video however is just distracting. Directed by 21 year old child actor Kyle McCreight, it’s a lyric video over clips of Donald Trump. And frankly, the whole thing is about as edgy as a water balloon.

Meh. Swing and a miss. The commentary at the bottom of their Youtube page has more bite than any of this cliche video edited on mom’s laptop.


And from Emilio Angel:

Hollerado, Release video for Grief Money

Hollerado’s new video is a 3-minute masterpiece exploring themes of the political environment in The United States.

At a time where the President of the United States is the ex-show host of The Apprentice and a real estate oligarch, we see the decline of human values at an institutional level where greed, money, power, and capitalist consumerism take a hold of the powers that be.

The lyrics are mostly satirical and a parody of how men in power seduce the masses and turn them into nothing else than a vote – later to turn against the ideals that brought them into power and betray their constituents and the people that turned them into what they are, for nothing else than “Grief Money”.

The video is mostly the events leading up to the 2016 elections, an election filled with corruption from Russia, scandals, and probably one of the most obscene moments ever seen in political US history. The cynicism in which Donald Trump was elected into office to “drain the swamp” then elect neo-liberal, capitalist, obsessed and corrupt men into the most powerful seats like Jeff Sessions or Betsy Devos. It really makes us wonder “WHAT THE F*ck America?, we thought you better than this.”

Regardless, what Hollerado is doing is great, bringing a voice and denouncing such a ridiculous process as the election of this baffoon into office is always something that helps with the cause and brings validity and support to the people on the ground that are fighting the injustices and hypocritical attitude that the United States government is doing to its people!

And the video (below) check it out

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