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May 10, 2017

One Bad Son Talk about reaching #1, New Album, Tour Habits

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One Bad Son Talk About Reaching #1, New album, Tour Habits.
written by Emilio Angel

One Bad Son recently released Raging Bull and are now at Number #1 on Canadian Billboard charts. I caught up with Drummer Kurt Dahl to speak about their recent success, future and how the last couple of years has been for the band.

I asked Kurt on the success of their new single, Raging Bull, and how the recording process was for their upcoming new album.

Kurt: “It came as a shock to us too, we’re extremely excited on how well Raging Bull is doing. We’ve toured a lot and its starting to show the point where we are at. We’re all stoked on our new album, hopefully its released later on in the year. We have plans on touring for the rest of the year.

As for the recording process of the new song and soon to come album:

Kurt: “Well the band has always tried to make music for stadiums; the focus is on the feel of the music, the riffs of the song – I get a lot of inspiration from my favourite artists Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Keith Moon etc. After we capture the emotion of the song in the music, Shane adds the lyrics and singing on top.”

When asked what it’s like to tour with big arena bands like Def Leppard or Papa Roach:

Kurt: “Its been awesome! Def Leppard was the first big band we toured with, and being in a stadium and singing in front of thousands of people, even though they might not know your music it still brings a sense of accomplishment and feeling like “we’ve made it”. Hopefully with our next album we can keep hitting the road on even bigger tours.”

On the new album:

Kurt:hopefully the new album will be released early September. We already have a name for the album but as of yet nothing official. The name right now is ‘Made in the name of Rock N Roll.’ We still need about 6 more songs to finish the record. In June we plan on going back to the studio and finishing the album, and that will take up most of our summer until the album is released.”

Shane Volk (singer) recently caught a nasty laryngitis and the band unfortunately had to cancel one show.
I asked Kurt on how Shane was doing and if that would effect any future touring or plans:

Kurt: “luckily in the band’s 13 year career we’ve only had to cancel one show. I talked to Shane and he is already feeling well. Our band tries to keep the partying for after the tour, we don’t consider ourselves a party band. We try to keep in shape and always practice before shows – I think that performing wasted or on drugs is just a huge disservice to the fans and tons of bands that do well, end up in the ditch afterwards because of all the partying and the drugs. We try to keep any partying after the tour, after shows, and its never affected any shows before.”

On their label 604 Record and summer touring:

Kurt: “we are super grateful. 604 have been amazing to us. We’re really happy with them, and that they allow us creative license on the direction of our album. We plan on touring North America then Canada for a couple summer festivals, (including Konquor Ride and Rock in Kelowna.) If everything goes right we should be in Europe the later half of the year. We’re extremely excited on ‘Raging bull’, and the new album. This is going to be a big year for us.”

Check out Raging Bull below and be sure to find One Bad Son on a summer music fest near you:

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