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May 25, 2017

Phoenix 1901 -Throwback Thursday breakdown from Conor Graham

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We at nightMair Creative are the kind of people who think music has changed. We’re the kind of people who dream of those old halcyon days when music was still good, and music videos still mattered. We’re the kind of people who scoff at what passes for “good” music nowadays.

Just kidding! We’re equal opportunity music fans. But sometimes we do like to sit around and reminisce about the music of yesteryear, so that’s why we are starting a new weekly series of music video/song reviews where we look back and remember some of our old favourites (and some of our not so favourites)

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday: “1901″ by Phoenix

For those of you who don’t know, Phoenix is a French alternative rock band and they released “1901” in 2009 on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, their fourth album.

“1901” has a real electronic edge to it. It was released at a time when electronic music was slowly starting to have an impact on alternative music and you can hear that in this song. I like how Phoenix took an ordinary sort of alternative rock song structure and did something different and that’s why I think it stood out at the time.

As for the song itself, the lead guitar stands out. It has a very light sound to it that during the verses almost sounds like a chorus of bells and it is just so unique. Which is strange because the keyboard in this song almost sound like a guitar, it has a very fuzzy tone and gives off this buzzing sound that seems like it should be coming from the rhythm guitar. Of course, they are accompanied by the rhythm guitar so that might have something to do with it. The vocal performance by Thomas Mars is very well performed, he sings mostly high notes which matches the tone of the lead guitar and creates an overall airy atmosphere in the song.

The music video, which also adds to the airy atmosphere of the song, is just a black and white light show featuring a performance by the band. This sort of simple concept seems to hint at the period of the song (1901). It’s a weird video in that it gives me the impression that it is something out of the past but also has a modern feel to it, still it is very fitting.

If I have anything bad to say about this song it’s that it is a little light as far as songwriting. I would’ve loved if they kicked it into high gear. Now, I don’t need a metal breakdown, I just mean if they had pushed the song a littler harder, I wouldn’t be complaining.

To wrap up this first Throwback Thursday review, I will say that you don’t have to overthink this song like I did, it is just a fun alternative rock song that you can rock out to, and that is more than enough. Thanks for reading and check it out.

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