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June 15, 2017

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep Tour with Royal Wood June 19

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Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep Tour with Royal Wood
June 19 Vancouver QE Theatre
written by Scotty Evil

Many moons ago, when my CD player had a constant rotation of Iron Maiden, Rush and Metallica, a fellow I worked with at a pizza take-out chain kept at me until I listened to his Bonnie Raitt CD.

I was blown away.

Even though I was a bit of a metal head, I did enjoy a pretty diverse range of music. Blues however had eluded me.

This album, “Nick of Time” had a similar impact on a LOT of people. Even though it was her 10th studio album, Raitt’s seasoned musicianship combined with some diverse songwriting resulted in 3 Grammy awards.

Her latest release, “Dig in Deep” is now her 20th studio album. Although it came out back in February of 2016, she has been on an extensive tour ever since and now brings it to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver with opener Royal Wood this coming Monday, June 19th. Every review of this tour has been glowing so far…and with such talent and depth of musicianship it’s no wonder.

The double-threat of opener Royal Wood makes it no surprise that this show is sold-out. The accolades for this talented musician and his band continue to pour in from all over the world.

With multiple award nominations and wins between the two artists, the real winner will be those who get to see this show.

Bonnie Raitt – Dig in Deep Tour 2017
Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Mon, Jun 19, 2017 08:00 PM


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