July 21, 2017

Hiroshima Hearts Spend Your Money video review

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Hiroshima Hearts
Spent Your Money
review by Scotty Evil

If you love crunchy riffs and an edgy late-80’s Southern blues infused sound, then Hiroshima Hearts is a band you should be checking out.

I just watched their latest official video, “Spend Your Money”…pretty clear they have the chops and use their musical influences well.

From their Facebook page: “The band’s original music is a thumping mix of its members’ influences – everything from punk and metal to alternative rock, jazz, and country. The end product is a big sound built on sing-along melodies, vocal harmonies, and huge guitar riffs, with a heavy blues edge.”

New bands out there: this is how it’s done. Clean and loud tones, hooky riffs and singable lyrics.

Although based in London Ontario, hopefully they swing out to the West Coast soon. It’s a full-on injection of heavy rock and something the Canadian music scene desperately needs.

The video itself is well produced, simple and fun. The band translates well to the screen and is thoroughly entertaining to watch.

And now my neck is sore from head-banging! Check them out!

Check out Hiroshima Hearts on web:

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Written by Scotty Evil



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