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August 31, 2017

Simple Plan hit Vancouver for 15th Anniversary Tour Sept 5

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Simple Plan
Sept 5, Commodore Ballroom
Tickets priced $45.00 + s/c
Doors 7pm! 19+

Simple Plan is on the road to Vancouver right now, touring to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut album “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”. That means I’ve been listening to this pop-punk, angry, teen emo band from Montreal since I was an angry, teen 30 year old. Surprisingly, I still listen, but that’s a testament to the pop aspect of these guys’ music; or perhaps to how long I can hold onto my angry teen years. I’m almost certain it’s the former.

These good, Canadian kids have 5 albums under their belt now, including last year’s “Taking One for the Team” and are currently touring the Southern states. They had to cancel their show in Houston, due to a slight hurricane in the area, but are already planning their return telling fans to hold onto their tickets. While you may not have heard much from Simple Plan over the past few years, they’ve been busy without you. There’s the aforementioned albums, collaborations and a lot of charity work, including a foundation named after the band working exclusively on issues for youth – suicide; homelessness; poverty. Like I said, good guys – not doing it for the cameras and publicity, but for the people.

As with any band, they have matured over the years and their songwriting has matured with them. Unlike a lot of other bands, they have stayed true to their roots and their fans. They have maintained a similar theme and feeling throughout their albums. Perhaps it has something to do with lead singer Pierre Bouvier’s melancholy voice. He sounds consistently like he’s yearning for something, but it’s a good thing – it’s emotive. The rabid, general anger of youth has been replaced with the soul-crushing depression of heartache and loss. The voice and emotion remain, but the subject matter and sound have grown.

Simple Plan has been nominated for dozens of awards, experienced highs and lows together and through it all have maintained their proud Canadian heritage. They seem polite; nice; thoughtful; caring. They’ve stayed together for 17 years without turnover, rumour or breakup – that alone is a music industry rarity. I personally like these type of stories, these type of bands. I find the group growth over the years leads to excellent shows for the fans. The band will be in tune, in sync and in the mood. September 5 at the always fabulous Commodore Ballroom. Come relive your angry, teen years and I’ll try not to be an angry 30 year old!

Find tickets for Simple Plan via Live Nation HERE priced $45.00 plus s/c.

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