August 23, 2017

The Glorious Sons Young Beauties and Fools Tour on Sale now!

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The Glorious Sons are set to release their next newest album Young Beauties and Fools this October, and before the album drops, the band have announced an across Canada headlining tour in support of the album.

Headlining venues that only two years ago they were playing as support act, The Glorious Sons are quickly becoming known for their energetic and unrelenting live shows – vocalist Brett Emmons has an uncanny ability to win over a crowd no matter what the size – small club or festival headline, this band engages their fans in a way few acts can. They’re unabashedly honest and real which is what is most endearing about them to their fans. That’s a characteristic they will carry with as they travel across Canada and around the world sharing their music with anyone who will listen.

Tour dates start October 19 in Toronto, and end November 11 in Winnipeg with stops in most major Canadian cities and some secondary markets. BC gets three dates –

Kamloops Oct. 26
Vancouver Oct. 27
Kelowna Oct. 28

Tickets are available now, via Live Nation and priced at $25 for the majority of the shows. Check out The Glorious Sons new song, newest song Everything Is Alright below, and hit them up on Twitter and Facebook for more info.

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