October 11, 2017

Eminem Rips a Strip off President Donald Trump in new Rap Video

eminem rips donald trump in new rap video nightmair creative

The social media sites are abuzz with Eminem and his excursion into Trump bashing via BET (Black Entertainment Television) during their awards show last night.

“The Storm” unleashed by Marshall Mathers aka Eminem.

Of course it was lyrically brilliant, and well delivered. It touched on all the hot-button topics and name-dropped all the players. The rhymes were creative and syncopatic.

But let’s get past the hype for a second.

As freestyle as it was, face it, it was written, rehearsed and pre-recorded. Had this been at the podium while accepting some kind of award…then it would have been a legendary mic-dropping moment.

In reality, this is just another drop in the bucket of voices in opposition to Trump. And there are a lot of buckets. The rhetoric has been going on since Trump threw his hat in the ring. And even he didn’t expect he would get the nomination, let alone win the election.

But none of those buckets are going to move him from office. Not Eminem, Colin Kaepernick, not Alec Baldwin…it’s become a side-show circus with ZERO substance. I’ve never in my life witnessed an American president with so little diplomatic skill and so much infantile posturing. Donald Trump is literally embodying the ridiculous character that American society has become. Fixated on commercialism, bravado, arrogance…a blustering obese, fast-food addicted, gun-loving, uneducated, racist, xenophobic, homophobic country.

Yet Trump is still in office. Blowing wads of taxpayer cash in his own resorts. Paying out his own friends and family with government funds. Undoing decades of hard work by previous governments like a jealous 5 year-old stomping across the beach because he can’t make a sandcastle like all the other kids.

Yet Trump is still in office.

Let that sink in.

So while it’s temporarily garnering the applause of the same old expected side in this debate, nothing has changed. Like so much hot air, this too will dissipate. Because America is too afraid to look itself in the mirror and take ANY responsibility for the thousands of corrupt and morally bankrupt government officials who put a petulant man-child in the White House. And trust me, they are laughing their ass off EVERY DAY that no one has been able to get him out of there. He’s a racist homophobe’s wet-dream. He has the KKK dancing in their trailer parks. He has rich CEO’s cheersing him from gaudy crystal brandy decanters. He has the NRA firing off rounds into the sky.

So, just like every other knee-jerk celebrity out there, Eminem missed the target. Trump is the symptom of a much larger festering disease in the USA…ignorance and greed. And at least half the American public is stricken with it.

This was a rap and hip-hop battle misdiagnosis. Check it out below.

written by Scotty Evil
©nightMair Creative.com
all rights reserved

•editors note: protest songs are sadly lacking in this generation.. perhaps this is the start of it, as commented on in this tweet by UK music producer Captain SKA. We’d love to hear your thoughts.



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