October 11, 2017

The Glorious Sons Young Beauties And Fools album another masterpiece

The Glorious Sons young beauties and fools album cover nightmair creative

The Glorious Sons broke onto the scene a few short years ago.. but you can read all about that HERE, as well as our first impression of the band HERE… one thing about this band we love (one of the MANY things we love) is their consistent ability to surprise listeners while staying true to themselves. And their upcoming Young Beauties And Fools album is no different! Singer Brett Emmons has more than a few times, dropped a new song off the album on the band’s Facebook or Youtube, warning fans that ‘its so totally different you might not like it’, only to find that its not only favourably received but joyously so.

Young Beauties and Fools seems to be written from a very personal perspective; hard hitting lyrics of life in  a small town – ‘Godless, Graceless and Gunless’, drug addiction – ‘In My Blood’, ‘Sawed Off Shotgun’,  love fought for and lost or won – ‘My Poor Heart’, bone tired emotions in ‘Hide My Love’,  – but it never seems maudlin or self pitying. Honest. Thoughtful and thought provoking – ‘So Much Love to Give’, ‘Thank You for Saying Goodbye’ … this album has a natural opener and closing tune. It has flow, and ranges from hard rocking to bluesy rock ballad and alternately makes you want to wallow in it for hours on a rainy grey day with a strong drink and blanket, or get up and dance your ass off while it melts your face.

The Glorious Sons (to steal a phrase) have “another Banger on their hands!” Can’t wait for the tour to see these songs come to life. Can’t wait for the album to come out to have and hold and call my very own.

A solid 5/5.

Young Beauties And Fools is due out Friday October 13 and available on iTunes and all usual places, including the band’s website, and live shows. Check out the band on their social sites, and have a listen to ‘Everything Is Alright’ below.


Everything Is Alright – The Glorious Sons

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