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October 30, 2017

Yelawolf Completely Kill it in Vogue Vancouver

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I didn’t expect much going to the show, another white rapper, Eminem 2.0 or a ghetto MGK, oh boy was I mistaken! This dude completely killed it, Yelawolf and his 51/50 tour is as raw and real as you can get.
Show started roughly at 9 pm, the audience was mostly alternative kids dressed in black with an a packed venue.

Yelawolf played a 20+ song setlist promoting his new album Trial by Fire and he certainly did not disappoint, this kid from Alabama knows how to sing with an attitude.

I’m not sure what happened at the border but the first half of the show Yelawolf went on a rant on the way he was treated by border guards, mentioning how half of his live crew was not able to cross successfully and was noticeably pissed off, at one point throwing a stool across the stage.

Besides the rant this guy certainly knows how to control an audience, you could feel a unique connection between him, the band and the spectators. Several mosh pits ensued throughout the show, something I didn’t think was possible at a rap show, but hey it was a lot of fun seeing some shoes flying and people bouncing off each other like ping pongs.

Zero politics at the show, most of the songs from Yelawolf are personal anecdotes, stories about his time and struggles in the ghetto, or parties to jam too. Regardless of his IDGAF attitude on stage he was respectful enough to also not drop the ‘n’ word (like many other rappers do).

Yelawolf’s rapping was on point, his singing abilities had flow and were impeccable.

The night highlight songs where “Johnny Cash”, “Lets Roll”, “Pop the trunk”, “Till it’s Gone”, “I wish”, Yelawolf played most of his biggest hits. He gave a speech about his past struggles with drug abuse while singing “Best Friend” a song originally featuring Eminem.

I went in not expecting much out of the show, but by the time it ended I was very surprised. The huge wall of death he tried to start while playing PUNK and giving a shootout to 3 House Mafia added to the experience of show.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes rap, Yelawolf is one of those few artist you can feel plays his heart out.

Solid 9/10

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