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December 1, 2017

Snake and the Chain ‘Heavy’ new music Friday


Earlier this year, Vancouver rocker Bif Naked announced a new project: Snake and the Chain. Teaming up with her new hubby, Steve “Snake” Allen on guitar and Kuryakin on bass, they have just recently finished a brief tour opening for The Headstones. Today they dropped their first music video.

‘Heavy.’ No, that’s the title of the video. Self-descriptive of the content as well. Full of throbbing effected bass and drums. Slow, breathy lyrics and pseudo-suggestive S&M content. It’s catchy and industrial at the same time. An undercurrent of indo-asian sounds as well. Drop this tune in between your Nine-Inch Nails, Depeche Mode et al for those dark days when you want to dress up all in black and channel your inner fetish-goth.

I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing more of this… 

solid 4/5


written by Scotty Evil
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