January 28, 2018

Three Days Grace The Mountain Confirms Band is Shadow of their Former Glory

three days grace the mountain nightmair creative

Three Days Grace new song ‘The Mountain’ is a joke.  I’m not sure what happened, but this has to be one of the most generic songs by the band in a while, in fact, I’ll even go as far as to say it sounds like Nickelback “Light”.

Three Days Grace used to be one of my favorite bands growing up, they managed to capture my teenage angst, and through their songs’ emotional value, help kids from my generation struggle with daily issues from drug addiction, isolation, alienation, to breakups and family divorce. Now we’re going to the gym and mountain climbing? Well, I don’t do any of those.

There is just nothing with ‘The Mountain’ I can relate to. The music in the background is extremely generic and boring to say the least; there is no riff or guitar with a punch I can headbang to and the video theme has been reproduced a billion times. Just to give you an example, check out Children of Bodom’s “Was it Worth it” (same lighting, same skateboarder) and Skull Fist “Bad for Good”. Three Days Grace’s new video is basically a matchup between those two songs, but with gym lyrics in the background, lame hairstyle, and very forgettable music.

At first, I thought it was only me – maybe I just woke up with a bad mood, so I showed the video to a couple of friends and the consensus is similar, one friend saying it was a 0.5/5 compared to “Break” 4/5 or “Pain” 5/5.

I thought Three Days Grace had it in them to survive without Adam Gontier, but apparently no. If anything, they should have added strippers to the video a la singer Matt Walst’s ‘Porn Star Dancing’ with My Darkest Days, instead of the boxing theme, at least it would guide the attention away from the atrocious lyrics.

I’m not sure what’s in store for the band, but I for one am very disappointed. REALLY want to listen/watch it? Click HERE.. not even going to embed it in this write up.

I’ll rate this song with a meme:

wtf meme nightmair creative

written by Emilio Angel
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