February 1, 2018

Nerds Unite under LIGHTS -concert review from Scotty Evil

Lights Scotty Evil nightmair creative

LIGHTS concert review from Scotty Evil

When the conversation in a concert crowd consists of topics such as Kylo Ren, farts and computer hacking, you know the crowd is a little different.

I expected no less however in a pack Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver on a Tuesday night when the headliner is local self-professed nerd, namely Lights.

Even more appropriate when your latest album was released as a comic book…

The first opener was DCF. While the rapping/singing was okay, it was extremely distracting for this artist to be constantly going back and forth to his mixer/mixdeck/DJ controller and twiddling knobs and effects. I’m sorry, but if you can’t afford to hire a basic DJ to do this stuff for you, you really aren’t up to scratch for a tour, especially opening for Lights. He covered an acoustic song on guitar at the end of his set, and while that was the best part, it was still mediocre. Seemed to be just a time filler for me.

The SECOND opener however…WOW.

Chase Atlantic are a bunch of Aussie alternative/R&B blokes. Sound-wise it’s like The Weeknd went to Rock School. Soulful singing mixed with punchy pop and hard-driving rhythms. Their set was captivating and fun, full of energy with wistful saxophone melodies tying it all together. It’s not often that I like an opener so much that I was looking for their vinyl at the merch table (it’s coming they say). Oh yeah, and glitchy synths with reggae vibes mixed in to boot. So good! I want to adopt these boys and have them crank out bangers.

After a short pause, Lights came out right on time. Fanboys and girls went off. Opening with a fierce rendition of “New Fears” she pulled the crowd in and didn’t let go for the rest of the night.

The show was a refreshing mix of new and older tracks. Lights made mention of her local roots and did a roll-call for all the Lower Mainland peeps.

The sing-along crowd was loud and proud, especially during a call-and-answer at the end of her acoustic set (of which “February Air” was vociferously received).

The set was tight and smooth with some banter about her foray into producing comic books (of which many images were on the digital backdrop during the connected song).

Another song that was much better performed live was “Kicks”. The audience was jumping up and down as much as Lights was on stage, while animation from Capcom’s Street Fighter video game. Nerdy indeed!

The show wrapped up with the powerful anthem “Giants”.

It is rare a pop artist takes so much control over how their media is produced and presented. Lights has vocal chops and a rare insight into producing not just songs, but music that is emotionally huge yet subtle. Her fans are worldwide and deservedly so; it’s also written in such a way as to connect to a wide audience. Her vocals cut through both live and in studio with the rhythm and melodies supporting them.

It’s no wonder both nights were sold out.

LIGHTS and Chase Atlantic: 5/5

Lights Scotty Evil nightmair creative Lights Scotty Evil nightmair creative

Lights Scotty Evil nightmair creative




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