If it sounds good, it is good.” ~Duke Ellington

nightMair Creative was born out of a love of music, an obsession for writing, and loud brain syndrome. After freelancing for numerous online music sites (many of which disappeared after a few issues, or would dictate who to like and what to write), I chose to create my own music site.

I love mainstream. But I also love mid -level bands. And indie. And virtual unknowns. The music industry has changed… there is so much crap out there  – but there is also some incredibly innovative, creative, ground breaking, haunting, emotional, fun, life changing material from artists who deserve recognition for the amazing music they’re putting out, regardless of whether they have a recording contract or are DIY

One of the bonuses of being managing editor (and main writer) of your own site, is the ability to choose which bands and what content to share with readers. No music snobs here.. well, sort of. The genres we don’t cover are Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, or mediocre nondescript Canadian disguised as the new ‘modern rock’. The larger music sites have a handle on Pop and the ‘entertainment’ factor that goes along with that genre, and coffee shop folk will never be rock n roll no matter what the radio stations try to tell us. Rock is our ‘rock’ (pardon the pun) but we also cover alternative rock, punk, adult contemporary, classic rock, bits and pieces of metal, techno and country, and even blues/jazz on occasion.

We aren’t influenced by Record Labels, Management companies, Publicists, or even by the bands themselves. Our reviews remain unbiased and honest, which allows for mutual respect between us and fans, us and bands, us and industry.

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All articles on the website are written, created and credited to nightMair Creative staff writers unless otherwise specified (ie Guest Blogs)