Creativity is the core of my being; it drives me to perfection, dictates my hobbies, pushed me into past job choices, and won’t leave me alone at night long enough to fall asleep at a decent hour!  I’m a bad guitarist, a closet drummer, a born writer, a practiced photographer, a web designer, a social media expert, a jewelry designer, a philanthropist.

My passion in life is writing, photography, and music, and I combine all three as the managing editor of this site, nightMair Creative, covering live shows, interviewing artists, and writing reviews. I love what I do – I love discovering new, good music. As much as I love spinning the old favourites, for me it’s all about discovering the new (and good) tunes /bands out there.

My current favorite bands/music include:

The Trews, Sam Roberts, Austin Belle, Papa Roach, Pete Levin (the only jazz I like). I’m digging new bands – Actors, Brett Kissel, Magnets and Ghosts – and re-discovering established bands – Aaron Pritchett, Dallas Smith, U2, Bif Naked, Shinedown – and I hope to find a host of new music that moves me; moves me enough to make me want to buy it, play it often, and share it.

My friend Ryan Hoyle says this about music:

 “I’m constantly buying records, which I love. I would feel strange if I didn’t. I’d feel  left out, or something. There’s good music out there – you just have to open yourself up to it and invite it in, and it’ll show  up. That’s what I do.”

I’m trying, my friend, I’m trying. And it’s showing up.