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Every artist or band requires a website. Truly. A home base where you host your own information, photos, media and the all important Press Kit (EPK). A place that Music Industry reps can do a ‘one stop shop’ and choose whether to hire you/your band or offer something bigger.

A kick ass Website can be created using code – but will you/your band be able to do the basics yourself, like change tour dates, upload new photos and video? If you have to pay a webmaster each time you want to add or make changes, it’s not easy on the budget. We can create a comprehensive, good looking site for you using WordPress - and teach you to run it. Or we can update it for you for a reasonable budget until you can manage on your own. We’ll make sure you have the back end Plugins and SEO needed, create your EPK, add a gallery, get you blogging and well on your way to having a home base that reflects your style.

With WordPress we can:

  • create a basic website for a reasonable fee (no flash, no animation, minimal graphic arts – flash/animation doesn’t translate well to mobile devices at any rate, and is being phased out)
  • basic customizations – background, header image, side bar with sharing widgets are all easily done with no coding required which keeps costs to you down – AND enables YOU to change the look of your site anytime you need an update!
  • ensure the important info is up front for site visitors, and ensure the ‘must have’ plugins are installed in the back end to eliminate spam, keep track of your site stats, allow you to add photo galleries, AND make sure your site is seen by Google and other search engines
  • add one photo album, one blog post, custom navigation menu, categories, Press Kit and Tour Date info for bands – so that you can ‘see’ how these are created and added to the site
  • instruction on how to further develop your site to your own comfort level – including how and when to add content, how to add photos, new categories, menu items etc.. we’ll have you comfortable enough to work on your own site in short time.

Contact us for a free consultation and a price quote dependent on what your needs are and length of time our services are required




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