Back when he was younger and sported a full head of feathered hair, Scotty first fell in love with music when his dad’s FM radio pulled in KZOK on a good atmospheric skip from Seattle. Led Zeppelin, KISS and April Wine hooked him on guitar rock. His first album he bought with his own money was Trooper – Hot Shots and the first cassette was RUSH – 2112.

But even then he listened to other genres…classical, swing, pop and New Wave. And for some bizarre reason started his DJ career in a country nightclub back in the 90’s.

Currently he packs the dance floor on the weekend at a local Coquitlam pub with an eclectic mix of Top-40 and forgotten favourites. He plays lead guitar in a cover band, and has recently discovered the joy of concert photography.

He hopes to shoot a major band at Rogers Arena any day now.

In the meantime, he doesn’t hold back in his writing and reviews of music and artists. He’s always been strongly opinionated and honest, yet hugely respects fellow musicians and their talent.

“I love all kinds of music and the art that goes with it. Except for Trap. I don’t get that shit.”

Scotty Evil
Red Lense Photography