April 18, 2012

Johnny Reid Fires up Vancouver

johnny reid vancouver cindy geisbrecht

Johnny Reid in Vancouver, courtesty of Cindy G

If you’re a fan of Johnny Reid’s and never been to one of his concerts, you’re definitely missing out.  For some strange reason, the man is memorizing; leaving you in awe and wanting more. Even being in a larger venue such as Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum, he still makes you feel special.  There is no denying he’s as genuine as he appears and is a true showman. With his thick Scottish accent he’s quick to explain he still remembers where he came from and that he appreciates every person in the audience for spending their hard earned money to come and take in the show.  He’s so full of energy, singing, smiling, point and waving as he darts across the stage and down the catwalk, making sure he takes the time to touch an outstretched hand.  Without missing a beat, he’s down off the stage, shaking hands and giving hugs to many in his path. He has taken a shine to the elderly ladies, who blush as he pulls them in for a quick dance before dashing off to another area of the arena.  Spotting “wee” fans in the audience always brings a smile to his face.  He’s quick to have the children brought up on stage where they can join him in a song and dance.

johnny reid vancouver cindy geisbrechtThe sold out crowd went wild when Johnny Reid hit the stage with a bang – literally. A flash of pyrotechnics and the drop of a curtain brought the singer to center stage, belting out the new tune “Let’s Have A Party”.  Johnny Reid was happy to be here and he let everyone know, as he acknowledged the fans in the highest seats, then turned to those in front and flashed a wide smile. Dressed in a white jacket, red pants and his ever popular white shoes, Reid spent little time in one spot.  He was quick to make a joke about his red pants but advised they were here to stay.  The evening was a mix of old favourites as well as songs from his recently released, already platinum, Fire It Up album.   Before long the audience was singing along to the ever favourite, “A Woman Like You”, then had an upward stretched arm during the chorus of “Fire It Up”, and reached for the stars during “Let’s Go Higher”.  The room went quiet and before long we hear the start of a song, but the main stage is empty. Not to leave anyone out, Reid was standing on a small stage set up at the back of the venue.  There he sings three of his slower tunes.  As always Johnny Reid shows his true talent by holding the last notes of “Thank You”, for what seemed like an eternity. His fans were quick to show their approval.  Cheers and whistling echoed throughout the building. The final part of the evening came with a quick wardrobe change.  Now dressed in black, he was back on the main stage to sing a medley of old hits, and to showcase his band’s great talents.

johnny reid vancouver cindy geisbrechtBefore we knew it, the show had come to an end. With a wave to the audience Reid and his band were gone and the stage grew still. Within minutes the dark building once again came to life!   The audience began clapping and chanting, louder and louder, wanting more.  Before long there was movement on the stage and on came the spotlights.  Reid reappeared and the band jumped into the final song, “Till We Meet Again”.  He motioned to the large screens at the side of the stage where the words to the chorus are posted and asked everyone to sing along.  Fans began to make their way to the stage and people joined in singing along with the still energetic entertainer.  In great Johnny Reid fashion, flames shot upward from the flash pots, fireworks went off behind the band and the evening had come to an end.  The 13 piece band moved forward to join their front man. All took a bow together, then one by one made their way down the cat walk, waving goodbye to everyone. The night was over.  I think I can speak for most in saying we were once again left wanting more.  Just the way Johnny Reid wants it to be.

©nightMair Creative 2012 // Cindy Giesbrecht guest reviewer



  1. Denise Pronk

    Great Review Cindy…he always leaves us wanting more. But honestly….is there ever enough JR? I don’t think so.

  2. Great article! It sounds like I missed quite a show… and more than once!

    I really enjoy these sorts of reviews, as they’re clearly devoid of agenda.
    Just an honest re-telling of events from an individual who really “got it”… excellent! 🙂

  3. Ev Howe

    I was lucky enough to see Johhny twice in the past week. Never have I seen an entertainer so personable. Just a real thrill to see and hear him in person. Keep it on fire Johnny!

  4. Kim

    You just recapped the Sudbury ON show to a T…he was more than awesome. This was my first concert ever and at 42, i’m glad it was this one…if anyone reading this has the chance to see JR in concert, i highly recommend it…well worth the price.

  5. Karen McDowell-Moreira

    Fantastic review. My husband and I saw Johnny at his Hamilton concert on May 5th and I am proud to say Johnny thanks for being a proud Scottish Canadian. Out of many of the concerts we have been to in the past including Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Kiss, Celin Dion, Doc Walker, Johnny definately put on the best show. Both my husband and I cannot wait to see him in concert again.

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  7. Rich Outram

    good post

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