October 1, 2012

New Bif Naked! So Happy I Could Die


We just had our first listen of Bif Naked’s NEW song, So Happy I Could Die and wow! What a departure for the lovely Ms Naked! Snappy, boppy, happy – a definite Pop song is what is going to greet the die hard Bif fans today, but HOLY SMOKES its catchy, singable from the get-go and we dare you to not tap your toes. Dig a little deeper into the lyrics and no worries, this is vintage Bif all the way… Bif writes from her heart, writes about her place in the universe at the time of writing and it’s all still here. Bif’s ”voice” is still her own, still relevant, still questioning, wondering, thinking out loud. It’s just that Ms Naked is in a better place now than she was during her last album (of course). LOVE the new song – will have to start tuning into Pop radio to hear it but hoping that our local station will pick it up just because it’s Bif

“So Happy I Could Die”hits radio TODAY and is the first single of Bif’s new album, BIF NAKED FOREVER: (Acoustic Hits & Other Delights)  due out soon under Reliant Music /Warner Canada. “So Happy I Could Die” was written by Bif Naked and Platinum selling songwriter/producer Ryan Stewart. Stewart’s accomplishments include 2 Gold Records with Carly Rae Jepsen, a platinum single with Victoria Duffeld and has co-written and produced songs for Suzie McNeil, Andrew Allen and many others.



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  1. Any information on where/how to download or at least listen to it? Can’t find it anywhere online.

    • Admin

      hi Drew, it’s not on itunes yet, but soon they say.. probably end of this week. Follow @Bifnaked on Twitter to stay in the loop and i’m sure they’ll have it online somewhere for us to listen as well.

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