January 29, 2013

Soundgarden By Crooked Steps Official Video

soundgarden 2

Soundgarden’s newest video is out! Directed by Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, you just ‘know’ this one’s going to be different – and it is.

Quirky, loud, surprising, a little bit raunchy – By Crooked Steps has the band poking a little bit of fun at themselves about the age ‘thing’ while still looking particularly bad ass. Look for little touches in this video (like the bands on the marquee as they pass the theatre). Best part of the video? Two people in the entire club for the DJ set until the band shows up with a crowd and fill’s the place – it’s an in your face message of ‘kill the DJ and let’s get back to REAL music.’ The irony? Having Deadmau5 not as the DJ, but as the cop at the end.

Well done gentlemen, well done!

We score this one 4.5/5

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