September 18, 2013

Misery Loves My Company video debut 3DG


Back in June, Three Days Grace announced a contest for fans to create a video for their new single, Misery Loves My Company. The winning video would receive $5000 in prize money. Today, the winning video was unveiled via Social Media and can be viewed below.

The band also posted the two runner up videos for this contest, and you can view them exclusively on the Band’s Website.  Judging by the comments fans have left under the somewhat bizarre videos, the best video was chosen as winner.

The winning video, submitted by Esther Quenneville, Fillion, Nicolas Mangiacotti, and Xavier Collet-Garand, is a very dark, dank and disturbing interpretation… but as the song itself is very dark and sombre, the video fits well. Not the best song we’ve heard from Three Days Grace, and with Matt Walst on vocals since Adam Gontier’s departure earlier this year, it leaves us yearning for the ‘definitive’ 3DG sound of old.

4/5 for imagination/ingenuity
1/5 for enjoyment

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