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September 6, 2013

New Alice in Chains – Voices

alice in chains voices

Its always tough when a band loses their singer, whether through death, retirement, or being let go – especially if that singer has a very distinctive voice.

Most bands don’t recover, but some carry on and do quite well despite the uber fans calling down the new guy. Case in point, Alice in Chains. As much as Layne Staley’s voice seemed to be the epitome of the band, we like the new Alice in Chains sound just as much, due in part to (as Wikipedia states), “the band’s unique vocal harmonies which included overlapping passages, and dual lead vocals.” (Staley (or DuVall) and Cantrell)

Alice in Chains have a new album out, “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, and have just released the first video Voices. Politics aside,  new lead singer William DuVall’s vocals combined with original founding member and guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bring a positive vibe to a dark song. Love it.


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