February 25, 2014

The Trews What’s Fair is Fair Lyrics Video

the trews what's fair is fair screen cap

The Trews brand new single, What’s Fair is Fair came out on Valentines Day and today the lyrics video arrived. Moody, dark and not like any other Trews video, this one was created by Philip Sportel who’s work is quite different than mainstream. Do we love it? Unfortunately not. It’s too dark (in color not tone) and has very little variation in texture or visuals. It’s like watching an oil slick wash up on the same black rock over and over – the transitions used for the song lyrics is the same one used over and over so there is no visual interest. It looks like it was done in a hurry, and it drags the song down rather than highlighting it. We’re so used to The Trews videos being spot on, this one left us a little disappointed.

See what you think.

Our score: 2.5/5

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