April 12, 2014

Dallas Smith nails it in Penticton

Dallas Smith Penticton show

Dallas Smith is a happy man these days and it shows. With his new song Tippin’ Point hiting Gold in a record 13 weeks, a new Canadian tour with label mates, Florida Georgia Line, and a new 10 week old daughter, Smith has lots to smile about, and smile he did!

Smith is part of the current “Here for the Good Times” FGL tour that made its second stop in Penticton. For a Thursday night, the sold out arena was ready to rock! (or should that be ‘country’?)  With little fanfare and smile a mile wide, Smith strode onto the stage, gave us a hearty hello, and got straight down to the business of singing, opting to ignore the mic stand and go hand held to better engage the audience. (and yes, after our interview earlier this week we noticed!) With a crisp, strong vocal, Smith came through loud and clear, backed up by a killer band that exuded as much energy and mobility on stage as Smith did.

Singing the favourites, as well as some of his lesser known songs, the crowd sang along full steam, and at one point Smith took an ear monitor out to better hear us. Starting a new song with no band backup (vocals only), Dallas teased the audience with the opening lyric to Tippin’ Point and the already raucous crowd went insane. Smith smiled even bigger if that was possible.

At one point, Smith told the crowd of about 5000 to take their cell phones out and light up the arena – going out of his way to include the entire audience and not just play to the few hundred VIP in the choice spots up front. That went a long way for us!

The entire set was energetic, fast paced, superb showmanship – made even better by the fact Smith was enjoying himself almost more than we were! The icing on the cake was Smith signing items up at the merch table after his set – we finally bought Jumped Right In!

Smith is currently on tour with FGL – check his Site for more details.

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