May 20, 2014

The Trews What’s Fair is Fair official video

the trews what's fair is fair

It’s no secret The Trews are one of Canada’s favourite bands out today – the band just recently funded their new album, The Trews, via fan support (Pledge Music) and then some. Their first single, What’s Fair is Fair, is getting a ton of radio play and the band are playing numerous show dates in support of the album to sold out crowds.

The follow up official song video to their lyrics video (which we only gave a 2.5/5) is kick ass.. old school ‘in your face’ Trews and we love it! The attitude is back… reminiscent of the band’s first videos, especially Hold me In Your Arms. Singer Colin MacDonald is larger than life in full frame and means business. Dalton’s drums are pounding and deliberate. Bassist Jack Syperek is seen in glimpses and looks tough in the same leather jacket and sunglasses the others are wearing, and guitarist John Angus MacDonald looks bad ass with the perpetual 5 o’clock stubble and guitar sway body language.

The video itself is dark, with hits of light emanating from florescent patches on the band’s leather jackets, as well as fireworks that seem to target each band member throughout the maze of underground concrete and steel. Live fireworks were used! Hence the sunglasses on band members as a precaution throughout the video – but it works. Its quite stunning to suddenly see Colin MacDonald’s eyes midway through the video. There’s a lot going on in this video,


Our rating 4.5/5

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