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April 20, 2015

Billy Talent Chasing the Sun video review

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Billy Talent – “Chasing the Sun”
written by Chris van Staalduinen

A friend of mine used to refer to them as “Billy No-Talent” and I often argued the point with him. There was talent there, I’d say, but it was often overshadowed by the passion.  This passion usually took the form of anger in their earlier hits, but takes a different angle on “Chasing the Sun” – sadness, grief, mourning and loss due to the sudden passing of drummer Aaron Solowoniuk’s older brother. Anger is a young man’s game and Billy (the passion) and the Talent have matured.

The video for “Chasing the Sun” is filled with images drawing the heart to yearn for the old days and don’t we all do that at some point? The loss of a close family member or friend is a tragic circumstance, certainly worthy of an expression beyond rage, if not including it. The flashes of melancholy images alternating with the slow rising rotation of Benjamin’s pensive face create a somber mood – appropriate for the deep subject matter. Benjamin rises symbolically throughout the video, as if he had passed and yet as if he was the sun, as well. In the same way as “tomorrow never comes”, the sun cannot be caught – you can expend all the energy you want chasing, but you will lose.

I also enjoyed the imagery provided by the lyrics and how they tie to the music. The reference to silver, gold, and a swan song along with an acoustic riff makes me feel all Zeppelin-y inside – almost like a warm hug to my ears. There are several suggestions, as well, to the boys having trouble moving on – hopefully this song is a step on that long, difficult road. One can’t help but sympathize when you find out the story behind the heart wrenching lyrics.

I think the song is one of those that’s more important for the band than for the fans. It’s a part of their healing and they’ve shared it with us, as so many passionate artists have over time. We need to be thankful for their willingness to share their vulnerability. It’s not often a strength of young men, but this vulnerability is the heartbeat that drives passionate songs. Overall, it’s a solid effort; lyrically simple, but sound; musically out-of-character, but not out of key. It’s not my favourite Billy Talent song, but I’m a young, angry man at heart, so maybe it’s not them, it’s me.

And how could it be
That we’ll never see
The first day of spring
And the last autumn leave?
So lost in my mind
I try to stay strong
If wounds heal in time
Tell me why it’s so hard to move on
I’ll never move on
I’ll curse the mistakes that we’ll never make
The pictures of trip
That we’ll never take
And all of these thoughts
They keep me awake
Hang on to your heroes before it’s too late
Cause there’ll come a time
When you open your eyes and they’re go

all rights reserved
lyrics by Billy Talent
written by Chris van Staalduinen



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