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February 2, 2016

Citizens Unite -pUsh video brings the Rawwr back to Rock

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The Juno’s were announced today, and while some of the nominations made me smile (Tom Wilson, Jann Arden, Three Days Grace, Metric ) the ‘Rock Album of the Year’ category had me scratching my head.

“If you cant say anything nice don’t say anything at all”… comes to mind about the Juno Rock category, so lets just say that this video, shared today by Power 104 Kelowna, restores my faith that the RAWWWR is coming back to rock!  The band is called Citizens Unite, and until I looked them up, had no idea who was in the band.. i’ll mention that at the end of this write up. For now, let me just say this video rocks!

I love everything about this video. Love the cohesiveness of the band all dressed in same color shirts throughout the storyline. Like the swapping of images back and forth between storyline and band playing their instruments ‘live’; it gives a perspective on who the band is, not just some randomness voices out in the void. The band look like a rock band too — in your face, angry, but not a caricature of ‘a rock band’ like so many end up being. The graffiti behind the drum kit is visually interesting especially as the guy in the storyline of the video begins to actually draw it.. it sucks you into the story of the song too (which is about bullying). Love how the band chances color mid stream as the character in the story becomes more aggravated.. have they changed from devils (red tees) to angels? (white tees).. is the guy on the verge of doing himself in? what is he furiously writing about? The song itself is catchy with a good chorus, clear crisp lyrics even at the ‘screamo’ parts, and a good hard vibe. Exactly what rock should be!

As for the band? Surprised to learn that Citizens Unite is local. Vancouverites.. Dave Benedict on bass (from Default, who’s singer Dallas Smith is now a country star), Kai on guitars (formerly Methods of Mayhem/Econoline Crush), Paul D’Eath (formerly Mushroom Trails) and drummer Cameron Belter. Citizens Unite social links below.

Band Website

Check them out, you’ll be glad you did! and check out Chris’ review of Citizens Unite first song/video, Blacksheep, from last summer HERE.

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