April 8, 2016

The Glorious Sons Sometimes on a Sunday video premiere

glorious sons sometimes on a sunday nightmair creative

The Glorious Sons unveiled the video for Sometimes on a Sunday today and its a killer.. (view it below).

Filled with black and white images and historical video clips, it reinforces the lyrics of the song and for me puts it into a new perspective. Clips of of protestors holding up various ‘God hates… ‘ signs, moving images of prayer walking at Ramadam, and the sudden clarity of the comparison between Audrey Hepburn (good girl) and Marilyn Monroe (bad girl) and how God loves both their scenes changes the idea of God being lonely in Heaven from the idea of all the fun is in Hell, to the idea that God must look down on what mankind is doing to each other and the world we live on, and be very lonely indeed.

“I bet it gets lonely in Heaven, I bet that God sings the blues.”

War, The Bomb, starvation on one side of the world while the other side eats themselves to death, blood sport, mass production of arms, food, and literally everything we consume, race riots, drug cartels, homelessness — its all there, punctuating the idea that the devil is in all of us, “Sometimes the devil is all you got.”

Powerful video.. some disturbing images. Exactly what rock and roll should be.

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