June 14, 2016

Bend Sinister Rock n’ Roll

bend sinister rock n roll nightmair creative

As long as Bend Sinister is around, Rock and Roll will live on!

The full force of rock conjured up by Bend Sinister in their newest release, “Rock N Roll”, makes up for the fact that the title is so generic. Filled with a driving drum beat, rolling bass, soaring guitar leads, and a powerful vocal, this track screams good ol’ rock and roll! The verses are laid back, vocal driven, incorporating the lyrical style which is reminiscent of classic anthem rock tracks such as Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero” and Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer”. And then the chorus comes in after a full beat stop, booming with distorted guitars, bouncy melodic keys, the full band uplifting the vocals touting “Rock N Roll is Rock N Roll!”

I thought rock n’ roll was dead, but it sounds like it was just sleeping, gaining strength, waiting to emerge and join forces with a band that can do it justice. Bend Sinister is that band.

Have a listen below:

Check out the band’s upcoming TOUR DATES, including a Vancouver date at Red Truck Beer’s concert series, July 9th, and Kamloops Music in the Park (free show), July 25.

BEND SINISTER is Dan Moxon (Vocals, Keyboards), Joseph Blood (Guitar), Matt Rhode (Bass), Nick Petro (drums) and Kristy-Lee Audette (Trumpet, Tambourine). To date, the band has released four studio albums and three EP’s. Bend Sinister has toured extensively, playing to sold-out crowds in both North America and Europe and has shared stages with the likes of AWOLNATION, METRIC, Hollerado, Bad Religion and Flying Colors. The band has also been nominated for numerous awards including, most recently, “Songwriters of the Year” at the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards and “Best Emerging Band” in Prog Rock Magazine’s “Progressive Music Awards.

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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