July 3, 2016

Erica Bryan Debut EP Jericho an Absolute Marvel

Erica Bryan - Jericho nightmair creative

Erica Bryan’s Debut EP, Jericho, is an absolute marvel
written by Vaughn Oliver

Erica Bryan’s Jericho is a masterful repertoire of beautiful, haunting, and powerful songs. She sings about love, heartbreak, overcoming, and reflecting, joined with gorgeous melodies and excellent arrangements. The variety and depth displayed is the sign of a talented, trained, and passionate artist, to say the least, and her accompaniment matches a similar level of greatness. Anthemic guitar and bass driven songs rival incredibly well-structured and simply brilliant pieces of orchestration, and makes Jericho an interesting, gripping journey through the life of this hardworking, not afraid to fail, musician.

Lyrically, this EP magnifies a range of subjects. From lost love in “Immune To You”, to new love in “Billboard”, Erica Bryan explores life as a gypsy in the aptly titled “Gypsy Life”, and epitomizes a powerful resolve in the title track, “Jericho”. Her voice lays perfectly on top of melodic piano, twangy guitar, and driving bass, each one full but never interfering with the vocals. Story-wise it is fairly country influenced, but on a mostly refreshing scale. Using a billboard to profess love isn’t something I’ve ever thought about, but Bryan makes it sound like an excellent plan to win over that special someone.

It could have ended with “Billboard”. It would’ve made a fine EP with just the first 4 tracks. But the following, a magnificently orchestrated, emotionally compelling song, created a transition I won’t soon forget. From the highest of clouds, or 40 foot billboards, Erica brings the listener right back down to earth with “Sad Song”. While moody piano envelopes her smooth jazz vocal, she croons out her lament, “Every day is a sad, sad song“, and her world is portrayed as a place not fit to wake up in. I foresee this track residing in the playlist of many broken hearted persons, myself being no exception.

Jericho continues with “Leaving You In Memphis”, a strong bluesy number which focuses on letting go and getting over your past, also a healthy amount of Elvis references thrown in for good measure, and finishes with Erica’s debut single, “This House Is Haunted”. A well-produced track, implementing imaginative echoes, haunting vocal overlays, and crackling static radio voices, giving one a strong sense of uneasiness which fits in very well.

Erica Bryan’s debut EP is an absolute marvel. Jericho exceeds the bar set for the audience, and doesn’t hold back when it comes to demonstrating emotion or strength. Showing an aptitude for writing and performing range of styles, Erica Bryan is sure to continue making new, interesting music for years, hopefully decades, to come.

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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  1. Jack Marchione

    What a great article! Thank you! I can’t wait to get this EP.

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