September 26, 2016

Another Week, Another Gear Theft

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Another Week, Another Gear Theft
another rant by Scotty Evil

For a DJ, I sure have a lot of musician friends. Seems like at least once a week, one of them or one of their friends has had their gear stolen.

These aren’t Ocean’s Eleven type burglaries though.

“Our Van was stolen with all the gear inside”
“Someone walked up on stage and took my $5000 Gibson”
“Someone stole the trailer full of gear out of the driveway”

So you spend tens of thousands on guitars, amp, limited edition items, sometimes even your latest recordings and YOU DON’T HAVE A CAR ALARM?!?

If you know me, you know I’m a musician too. But jeez, I don’t even leave my paltry $500 Epiphone ANYWHERE someone can nick it! Hell, I’ve had my truck broken into for a measly Loonie out of the drink holder. Not nailed down? In plain sight? Someone is going to steal it!

And guess what, these petty criminals are smarter than you. Gee, I want to steal a guitar. Oh some local band is playing at a dive bar? How hard is it to hang out the back with binoculars and signal your buddy to grab that lovely guitar case the moment that musician goes back in for his heavy and awkward Marshall stack?!?

At the end of the day there is really no good excuse for your gear to ever be stolen, unless Joe Criminal wants to put the effort to break into your house. But criminals are lazy opportunists.

So don’t give them the opportunity!

Some gear protection basics:

1. Don’t leave it in your car/truck/trailer/U-Haul/Tour Bus unattended. Ever.

“Oh but I’m a solo musician”. Boohoo. Ask a bouncer/server/bartender/fan/groupie/your mom who is at the venue to WATCH YOUR SHIT until you can drive away.

2. BUY A FUCKING CAR ALARM. Not that criminals care about alarms anyways, but STILL.

3. Keep your gear with you at all times. Not locked up in your U-Haul unless the parking is rock-solid secure. I DJ plenty of out-of-town venues. I haul ALL my shit up to my room AND back the next day if I’m staying overnight.

4. INSURANCE. It’s sad enough you don’t get paid much by venues anymore. If you make enough to replace your shit every few years then ignore this advice.

5. DON’T ADVERTISE YOUR ACT ON YOUR RIDE. You might as well have a neon sign on your vehicle saying “STEAL MY EXPENSIVE LES PAUL”.

None of this is rocket science. Don’t want it stolen? Don’t leave it unattended unless it is alarmed and secure. Not even in the sleepy town of Spuzzum BC. One of those fans on Facebook my be a crook…and has probably clicked “Like” on every Instagram post you make of your beautiful axe.

And FFS get instrument insurance just in case.

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