October 27, 2016

Pet Shop Boys Bring out the Pop Kid in All of Us Vancouver show review

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Pet Shop Boys concert review
written by Scotty Evil

Synth pop duo The Pet Shop Boys brought their inner Pop Kid to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver this past Monday.

The sold-out venue was full of greying, well-dressed fans who were clearly excited. I expected more of them to dress a bit more outlandishly but it seemed only a handful of younger fans did so.

The lights went down as the pulsing techno bass intro to “Inner Sactum” opened the show, replete with a big screen light show and lasers. There is a reason why this group is one of the progenitors to modern techno as it was clear throughout the show that even they have updated their own material. They are the Mobius Strip of electronic music.

The night was a tight mix of old and new. Highlights included classics such as “New York City Boy”, “It’s a Sin”, “Left to My Own Devices” mixed in with new material such as “Pop Kids”, “Twenty-Something” and “Happiness”.

The audience was pleased and enthusiastic throughout with sporadic dancing from members both young and old. 17-70 year olds with the average age being clearly in their 50’s, the people who grew up in the synth heavy decade most prevalent.

Chatter to the audience was light, with Neil Tennant at one point making a small quip about the US election and Donald Trump.

The backing band was tight, with dual percussionists and a electronic violinist enchanting the mix.

They finished the set with their cover of “Go West” but returned to the hearty chanting of “encore” and then launched into “Domino Dancing”. Neil led the audience to sing along with gusto which continued into their closing tune “Always on My Mind”.

The evening was perfect. The lighting and stage show was effective but surprisingly understated, with creative use of lasers and minimalist visuals. The sound mix was spot on.

Catch these guys next time for sure. Pick up the new album, “Super”, it’s a bargain for $7.99 on iTunes.


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written by Scotty Evil



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