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October 26, 2016

Sam Roberts Band If You Want It Exclusive video via Much


Sam Roberts Band are all over the radar the last few months with the release of their brand new album, Terraform, out in a few short days. The lead off single ‘If You Want It’ has been heard across this nation on various rock, indie rock, and pop stations, and today, the band tweeted and Instagram’d photos of a video shoot, with Much Music sending out an exclusive first look at the new vid.

And what a video it is!

Don’t adjust your sets (as the saying goes) — its a trippy, colourful kaleidoscope of pulsating imagery absolutely suited to the song.  Check it out at the link below (only available on Much’s site currently).

Sam Roberts Band If You Want It

With visuals of Hell?, space/space travel, a crystal city with crusade type broad swords, test patterns, eerie disembodied heads (of the band), and a devilishly red tinted Sam with piercing gaze in the last frame,  its a smorg for the eyes and full of symbolism. The song itself is snappy, catchy, and in true Sam Roberts Band fashion has lyrics that can be taken at surface level or delved into for deeper meaning depending on your mood.

It was great to see each band member highlighted in this video too, especially the opening keyboard notes from Eric Fares, and drum shots of Josh Trager, both of whom are often not as visible in a live show as the guitar/bass/singer. And it’s great to see a band doing a real video for their new song… as one SRB fan said, “it brought me back to the importance of music videos.”

Our score? 4.5/5 Yes we loved it. Want to know who created it? We did too! Justin J Chambers, Amit Dabrai and Travis Laidlaw of Ethereum Films in Toronto.

Sam Roberts Band are set to tour in 2017- find all tour info HERE (tickets on sale now)

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