October 28, 2016

TerraForm Sam Roberts Band new video exclusive


Sam Roberts Band JUST released their new album Terraform today among a flurry of activity including 15 second audio clips of each track on their social media sites. Amongst the sneak peeks and teasers this little gem popped up on the National Post – the video for title track, ‘Terraform’.  If you were thrilled with the new video for If You Want It a few days ago this one is going compete for top spot. Check it out at the link below.


Set in post nuclear times, the earth is falling apart, and mankind is off into space (in his own house) to find a new home, with many obstacles along the way. Heavy in symbolism this video is also very cool with its hand drawn quality reminiscent of many of the vintage Sam Roberts Band tees available over the years. As the video progresses there are nods to family and home, space travel, black holes (look for the triangle image off SRB’s last album Lo-Fantasy), dinosaurs, the disappearing bumble bee and ‘home is where the heart is’.

The song itself is a thinker wrapped in a dreamy melodic tune that is pleasing to the ear from the get go. With heavy guitars and synth this song is in no way acoustic, but it has the clarity of an acoustic which allows each instrument, and Roberts vocals, to be in perfect harmony. The chorus is catchy – you’ll be singing it after the first time hearing it. It’s very cool to hear Roberts vocals isolated after the first chorus too – adds a bit of extra depth and punch.

This is the sort of song/video you’ll have to listen to/watch a few times to develop your own sense of interpretation. To us this is a song of hope and optimism and possibilities – but what the song speaks to us might not necessarily resonate with you, which is the best sort of song ever.

We give this video: 5/5

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