January 19, 2017

Donald Trump Inauguration concert .. worst gig ever?


Donald Trump Inauguration Concert. The Worst Gig Ever. Totally Overrated.

Sometimes where you stand is the biggest statement. Standing on a stage, under spotlights…an even bigger statement than that.

And it’s true, when you even appear to be aligned with a divisive, controversial figure as Donald Trump, you can’t let that association speak for who you are. People consume music in all it’s forms because they identify with it, in some way or another. You support Trump? I’m gonna take my music dollars and fandom elsewhere.

So kudos to the B Street Band for having the conviction to NOT perform at the upcoming inauguration. When you have a tribute band, it likely started as a mutual adoration for the artist you are emulating.

And The Boss has made his views on Trump very clear.

Yet the handful of artists left who (at the time of this writing) ARE going to perform…have all sidestepped THEIR reasons for being there…’for my country”, “It’s in bad taste to say no”, “performing for our country or military” or have just been plain cowardly about it and said nothing.

And I call BULLSHIT on all those excuses. Yes, people are going to “hate on you” Jackie Evancho. It is for the right reason, because those people have been given a ton of evidence that this guy is a morally devoid shithead.

And for entertainment, read how 3 Doors Down is putting the nail in their coffin of a career on Facebook. I even had some guy try to tell me their shows were sold out. Turns out to be quite the opposite. Want row 15 on the floor to these guys in some casino somewhere? 35 bucks.

Marty Roe, lead singer for American country band Diamond Rio, is performing as well. Most of their fans are oblivious and it seems the remainder are just spam posts on their wall. That’s even funnier that they review posts to their page. Wow, used to love those guys back in the day. Good thing I have a ton of other country to play.

So at the end of the day, speak up for who you are and what you endorse. Especially if you have a microphone and a PA system.

And I’ll vote with my dollars.

~Scotty Evil

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