February 11, 2017

Kill the Lights The Glorious Sons official video/ review

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Kill the Lights official video (review)

The Glorious Sons are a band to be watching these days! Coming out of virtually nowhere and winning a battle of the bands contest a few years ago, they stood out from the pack with such intensity that The Trews John-Angus wanted to produce their new song, and ended up taking them on tour as support.

In two years, The Glorious Sons went from playing support, to headlining (and selling out many) of the same venues across Canada they had played the year before! Hard working, gritty, honest.. off the rails at their live shows – this band is a ‘must see’ band! Kill the Lights was released as a single last week – a new video arrived yesterday, check it out! This band knows how to capture the essence of the working stiff in a truly one of a kind narrative.

The Glorious Sons Kill the Lights

We give it 5/5

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