April 18, 2017

Good Charlotte show review from Sam Henault


Good Charlotte Vancouver review
written by Sam Henault

Shoulder to shoulder in the rowdy mosh pit (ode to my bloody nose), everybody knew every word to every song. It was like an ’05 throwback. Whether you are a Good Charlotte fan or not, it’s shows like this, this one tonight at the Commodore Ballroom, that demonstrate my love for live music. The energy in the crowd was phenomenal. From the screaming girls, to the smiles and genuine love that people have for this band – you could dance, jump, or bang your head in celebration of the moment in front of you. So worth it that I also dropped thirty dollars on a T-shirt to commemorate the night.

To put it eloquently, Good Charlotte was themselves; something that can be hard to come by these days. Rocking the tattoos and leather jackets, Good Charlotte is doing their part to keep rock n roll alive with their unique brand of pop punk. There was a rare sense of genuine humility between crowd and the band and whether it be the band’s humble pie vibe or the crowds sense of childish excitement for a band we all loved growing up, everyone was having a great night.

Speaking of having great nights, the band played great. Completely forgetting that this is their first tour in six years, they were so tight and well rehearsed, no sign of lose hinges. The Good Charlotte machine is well oiled. The way Joel’s voice hovered over the simple yet groovy bass lines of Paul Thomas was tremendous. It can be difficult to captivate a polished studio sound in a live setting. From a music geeks perspective, that level of professionalism and work ethic, to put together an album and take it on tour, and be tight like they never missed a stride after a half decade hiatus is admirable. Bands don’t always get the credit they deserve for the amount of work that goes in from the initial idea to do an album to finally getting on the road, not to mention touring in a different country. Whether you’re a Good Charlotte fan or not, it was everything you want to see in a rock band.

The opening line-up was great too;  three quality bands starting with a SoCal band called Movements. They have been a band for around a year, recently signed and getting the opportunity to go on tour with Good Charlotte would be a break for anyone. They reminded me of Anti Flag, similar vibe at points during their set but far more emotional with a ‘come as you are, cali vibe.’ No band that night deserves a shoutout more. Movements, remember it.

Palaye Royale was the second band on the card, these guys and gal can rock! They brought this CBGB’s vibe with them with their mix of classic and punk rock. Silverstein was the third and last of the opening acts. They had the largest fan base of the opening bands. It was my first time seeing these guys, they reminded me of Alexis on Fire, only more melodic. Great band, fun to watch these guys.

If you get the chance to see Good Charlotte and company, it’ll make for solid night. It is to be hoped that you won’t have to work the next morning like I did, slightly painful but nothing new and very much worth the bangover.

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written by Sam Henault



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