April 10, 2017

The Zola’s with guests Christine and Louise Burns

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The Zolas with guests Christine and Louise Burns
written by Scotty Evil

Fervent fans packed the Vogue Theatre last Thursday night for a high-energy show from local faves The Zolas.

I caught the last couple of tunes from “Christine” who delivered some angst-ridden songs while playing an acoustic at the beginning of the night. She was well received although I can’t seem to find any more info about her.

The surprise of the night for me was Louise Burns. She reeled the audience in quickly with her ethereal vocals and poppy hooks. As she got her start very early with the pop-punk group Lillix, the experience and professional chops showed. Be sure to check out “Storms” off her latest solo offering “Young Mopes”. She has certainly earned a spot on my playlist.

But you could tell who the fans were here for. Squeals of delight happened as the band’s members took the stage. Although they concentrated most of their set on 2016’s release “Swooner”, they also showcased a couple of songs in production for their next album. They also went back in time to their debut album “Tic Toc Tic” with hits like “Leeches”.

Lead singer Zachary Gray was visibly impressed by the warm reception. When going back to one of their older tunes he said “This is like showing you my high-school poetry book. Listen for the worst lyrics I’ve ever written or see if you can guess by my facial expression…”

And as always Tom Dobrzanski was stellar on keys.

Some fans I noted passed on that their sound mix has been better in past performances. Their followers were however pleased that the setlist included some tracks that normally weren’t played. Lots of energy and something for everyone who attended during the almost 2-hour show.

A hometown win. 5 stars from me.

-Scotty Evil
all rights reserved



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