September 7, 2017

Five for Fighting Create a Wonderful night at the Rio Vancouver

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Five for Fighting  decided to change it up on their current tour – playing with a string quartet on stage which added an extra atmosphere of joy and blissfulness to the multi-platinum artist’s show.  Playing for over an hour and a half, Five for Fighting played songs from his entire catalog of Top 40 radio hits.

The show started strong with “World” and “The Riddle” -great when a band opens with their biggest radio hits rather than holding the audience ‘hostage’ until the end to hear the favourites. Five for Fighting (John Ondrasik) enjoyed talking to the audience after each song, often taking 5 minutes or more to explain the situations that brought the creation of the song, or a humorous story about his time well spent in Canada. Very enjoyable to hear this in a great intimate setting like the Rio.

Five for Fighting proudly dedicated a couple songs to the Canadian Armed Forces, paying respect without getting into politics, something everyone applauded him for. Concert goers ranged in age from old to young with some parents bringing their entire family; creating a very friendly environment of light drinks and great music.

One of the best songs of the night was his #1 hit single ”Superman”, his soft, powerful voice captivated the audience, everyone sang along and cheered loudly after he played it. The accompanying string quartet complimented the performance beautifully, then played an instrumental piece called “Four for Fighting” leaving everyone satisfied with their wonderful talent.

Five for Fighting continue on to perform “100 Years”, ending the show with the song “Hope” and adding a couple curve balls in his repertoire with songs like “White Picket Fence”,” Ocean” and “What If”.

I was glad I attended the show and enjoyed the great musicianship, I would recommend his show to anyone.


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written by Emilio Angel



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