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February 14, 2018

Dallas Smith 50/50 video a love song for everyone

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Dallas Smith‘s new video for his song “50/50” came out today with very little fan fare, but it’s worth a view not just because it’s a well written heart warming song (our fav off the Side Effects album actually) but because it’s a great slice of life on the road for Smith and his family, his band, road crew, support act and everyone involved in making a tour a success.

The video is a balance act – mirroring the “50/50” theme – a balance of accolades under the spotlight every night vs the long grind of travel and staying occupied 24/7 while on the road. Shot in black and white vs color. Fans juxtaposed with family (daughter Vada in all her cuteness), and fans with family showing the draw of Dallas Smith not just as a heart throb but as a performer and entertainer for all ages and walks of life.

Smith and camp could easily have turned this incredible song into your typical love story video – but chose instead to do something different. Perhaps though it is a love story video – the love between band mates, between fans and band… the love of singing, the sheer exhilaration of sharing with people who share the energy and singing back. And it’s cool to see shots of parts of Canada and know what city it is, and remember ‘you were there!’ And of course it came out on Valentines day.

Check out Dallas Smith‘s video below:

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