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Get Ready for Rock the Shores 2016!

Great Ready to Rock the Shores 2016 – Colwood putting on another winner this year

daniel wesley file photo nightmair creative Chris van Staalduinen

Daniel Wesley ’10 yrs of music party’ Commodore May 14

Daniel Wesley celebrates 10 yrs of music with a party at the Commodore May 14

bon sound canadian music week nightmair creative Michelle Samcoe

Toronto Canadian Music Week

Toronto and Canadian Music Week are fired up for another year.. this year we’ll be checking out Bonsound Showcase!

age of electric zim zimy nightmair creative 1 Concert Reviews

The Age of Electric – How’s Everything Taste?

The Age of Electric – a very candid show review from Zim Zimy on a band that’s been absent for nearly 17 yrs!


“So, what do you love about music?” … “To begin with, everything.”
                                  ~Almost Famous~




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