December 28, 2011

What Grabbed Me in 2011

john-angus and jack the trews nightmair photographyYear end highlights are so overdone and so boring sometimes that oddly enough, many people seemed to skip them this year/last year. But,  it seems strange to wrap up such a  fantastic year on a silent note, so….  something a little different. To see my YEAR in MUSIC (in photos) head over to my Road Diaries mini blog.

So without further ado, here are the The TOP 5 albums that grabbed me by the throat this year (and wouldn’t let me go!). The Top 5 that I’ve listened to almost daily, that have molded my year, that I’ve nearly worn out from playing so often, (and who’s band members I repect, admire and like as people) – in no particular order, btw.


the trews hope and ruin cd coverThe Trews
Hope and Ruin




collider sam roberts bandSam Roberts Band




state of shock cd coverState of Shock
Rock n Roll Romance




m and g cdMagnets and Ghosts
Mass (debut album)




Sound of Madness (made last yrs list but I can’t put it down!)





Unless you’ve actually listened to these albums the names mean nothing to you 🙂 so you can find album reviews for each by clicking on the album name.

You can find interviews with the bands by clicking on the band name – Shinedown’s interview is in live video format, Sam Roberts interview is due out in print (magazine) end of January so stay tuned. No interview (yet) for Magnets and Ghosts. You can also find sound snippets below via Soundcloud. I’ve tried to choose one song from each band that is my favorite off the album – tough to do!

Hopefully this spurs you to check out these bands if you haven’t already, and do the old fashioned honorable thing- buy the album. Support music you love or it won’t be around much longer. And Happy New Year!

Sam Roberts Band – The Last Crusade


Magnets and Ghosts – Hearts of Everyone
Hearts of Everyone…..Sample by Magnets and Ghosts



The Trews talk about People of the Deer (with the song in the background)

State of Shock – Have a Nice Day (love this video!)



  1. You know, sadly, I’ve never really checked out The Trews, but you’ve intrigued me and I believe I’m on my way to becoming a fan. Thanks, Donna!!

    • The Trews are a talented bunch of guys — they do ‘retro’ just right! 🙂

      • Admin

        Amen Jon. Talent is right. I saw them at The Roxy in Vancouver, which is a very small intimate venue. It was just the fans (tix sold via the band’s website and not a big promoter), with no barricade at the stage front, and I was close enough to not only hear the instruments clearly but to watch how they played them.. amazing musicians all of them.

    • Admin

      Good lord man! For shame 😉 Yes – you have to check out The Trews – mind you – I’m one to talk! Took me till summer 2010 before I saw them live, and prior to that I really didnt like them much or connect to what I heard of them on radio. Them live intrigued me enough to buy an album, which lead to me wanting to see them again when they breezed through town – since then I’ve been hooked! And i think Hope and Ruin is their best to date! Go buy it. I insist 🙂

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