September 11, 2013

Who did it better – Miley or Sinead?


By now you’ve heard about and/or watched Miley Cyrus’ new video for Wreaking Ball which features the 20 yr old naked (with naughty bits hidden) on a wrecking ball, licking a sledgehammer, and rolling around in somewhat suggestive poses in skimpy white undies.. and everyone from TV to radio has weighed in on the nude aspect.

We think the song is good. Its well written, catchy and haunting. However, it was written (according to Wikipedia) by 5 or 6 different writers, Miley NOT included. Kinda put a damper on the emotional aspect of the song when we found that out. Miley’s voice is not bad – too much auto-tune in the beginning, and we’d love to hear her voice in all its rawness and scratchiness as that’s what makes a singer unique and stand out. (think Rod Steward, Bonnie Tyler, Bonnie Raitt etc). She’s a powerhouse and belts it out.  As for the video – we like that it show’s Miley strong and sensitive at the same time. Don’t mind the white undies, don’t even mind the nudity (more suggestive than actual). Just ditch the sledgehammer licking -it looks awkward and doesn’t add to the video.

The controversy of Cyrus’ nudity doesn’t really reach past North America, but our Irish friends brought up a new controversy: The similarity of Cyrus’ video to Sinead O’Connors stunner of 1990, Nothing Compares to You has the Irish news media all abuzz. So.. we thought we’d let you decide!

miley1b    sc1

sc2  miley2

A side by side comparison of sorts – both on the same page. As one commentator ironically noticed, if you visit the Youtube page for O’Connor’s song, they’re advertising Cyrus’ video on the same page. Go figure. So, Miley at 47 million views and climbing, vs Sinhead at 56 million views and climbing:

Miley Cyrus

Sinead O’Connor

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  1. jacque

    Sinead in my opinion has a voice unmatched . As far as the shock factor….Saturday Night Live skit of ripping Popes picture live on TV also unmatched…remember this was before Reality TV and 800 cable channels..

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