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January 27, 2014

Sam Roberts Band Shapeshifters Live Video

Sam Roberts Band

Paper Bag Records has just released Sam Roberts Band newest video for their second single, Shape Shifters off the upcoming new album Lo-Fantasy and you can watch it below! Filmed in a very cool space both visually and acoustically, the video is a stripped down performance only which lets you concentrate on the song and the band members.

Although the song starts out quite Pop sounding, it moves and shifts in and out of tempo and style with a very staccato drumming in the middle (courtesy of Josh Trager)  and the bass kicks it in as well (James Hall).. the bridge in the middle also serves to highlight Sam Robert’s vocals which often are ‘just part of the mix’. Rounding out the band are guitarist Dave Nugent and Eric Fares on keyboards. Give it a few listens and we guarantee it will grow on you as fast as SRB’s first single, We’re All In This Together!

Roberts has this to say about the song*:

“Identity is never written in stone. We keep ourselves liquid, more water than bone — constantly adapting, changing shapes in body and mind to better suit the world we live in. In ‘Shapeshifters’ we step out into the night, under the cover of darkness, away from prying eyes, free to strip away the layers we wrap ourselves in for protection, until just you remains. But if we change too often, chasing the thrill of an unlimited identity, we run the risk of losing the center and find ourselves slipping away.”

Lo-Fantasty is due out February 11, and watch for our full album review just before that!

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